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looking for some advice...


looking for some advice...

I made a purchase from a UK website which turns out is just a front for the German company and paid for my goods plus a hefty delivery fee.


I received updates slowly as to the progress of my order and then finally received a dispatch note saying it had been sent Via DHL (my delivery choice).


I have checked the tracking information this morning as I had not received the item and it is with UPS and has been delayed with a whopping import Fee attached.  Adding this to the delivery fee already paid would equate to around 50% of the order value and at no point during the purchase process or the updates before dispatch was I made aware that there would be a fee, let alone one so large.  Ordering from a site also gives the impression that the business and items would be coming from the UK.


I have raised a dispute for this but am I better off paying the fee and claiming that back or just rejecting the delivery altogether.  I wouldn't have ordered the item from that site had I known they were not UK based and would just have purchased from one of the slightly more expensive UK retailers.


Any advice, greatly appreciated.