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limited account help

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Hi all. 

In need of help as PAYPAL has restricted my account. I have spent thousands using Paypal over the years. But the minute someone wants to pay me, they **bleep** me. I find this absolutely frustrating. 2 weeks ago I decided to start selling of old car parts that I have lying around for classic cars. I even created a website that I was totally chuffed with. I chose PayPal as a payment option. Then after selling the second item, PayPal **bleep** me. Oh, we have seen strange activity on your account. STRANGE. STRANGE. what the heck is strange about 100 euros. So I sent them proof of fulfilment, passport copies, shipping information. And they have still not resolved this. I wanted to book shipping to Europe for my parts and can't use Paypal. I want to send my sister money via Paypal for Christmas, and cant. OMG, PLEASE HELP. 

I am located in Croatia. 

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