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limited access??

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limited access??

hi i know i have to send documents in nad wait a couple days to access my money with this limitation on my account crap, but i really cant do that i have kids and a family, and pay pal putting my funds on hold, without letting me know, is just wrong, and for what? i didnt really get like a slid answer from anyone yet. The explanation in the "help" section was petty broad from terriosism to someone stealing goods from me? or is on my account without me knowing? some **bleep** like that..  So now what am i suppose to do
?, Wait 1-4 business days to feed my family by grocery shopping? which now we cant do that. So i would really appreciate if someone would show/tell me how to by pass this non sense so i can go on with my weekend and not have to struggle ( and i know yall gonna say they did tell me about it, one little email doesn't cut it). well appreciate it, it would be nice to get a response like now, so ya have a good night..

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Re: limited access??



It would be difficult to say why you got limited because no one here knows how you behave with your account. PayPal may just need to verify your identity or checking supplier invoices, proof of delivery for your shipments and knowing some info about your business where applicable. And the time it takes to verify this info and restore your account may vary widely depending on your specific case. They don't just look at the documents and see if it matches the info in your PayPal account. They check your documents against national databases and company directories to actually contacting suppliers to make sure the information is valid I would imagine and that takes time.

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