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item not received

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item not received

I ordered a product online because they used Paypal, so I thought it was safe. Not sure why it's not showing on my account activity, so I can't file a dispute through the normal channels. Knowing it was coming from overseas, I didn't expect it to come quickly...but it was March, and now it is May. Their website is not available now, so I can't contact them that way. I just want my money back. Is there a way to trace it by your card information?


Re: item not received

If you used card for it go to your card issuer and tell them it was an unauthorized transaction to do a chargeback for something you never got or call into paypal to have them try to find the transaction for you. chances are though even if you were able to open a case paypal would side with the seller if they provide any sorta tracking info.

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Re: item not received



You don't have Paypal buyer protection cover as a guest buyer but you can contact customer services and they may be able to assist you by reaching out to the seller for you.
So If you need help for a guest buyer transaction then you can;

1. Phone Paypal customer services and see if they will help you.
2. Contact your card issuer for a chargeback.

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