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i received a letter saying they need info is this legit??


i received a letter saying they need info is this legit??

We contacted you a while ago to confirm your identity as you've reached your account limit.



We appreciate that you've chosen PayPal as your preferred way of payment. But as part of our continuous efforts in complying with regulatory requirements, this is a mandatory process for you to continue using your account. We've limited what you can do on your account until the identity confirmation is complete.



To start the process, click the button below to provide us with the required documents before 24 hours. We'll then review the documents and update your account status within 2 business days. Otherwise, your account will be further limited.


Re: i received a letter saying they need info is this legit??

I've been getting the same for a while. I tried emailing the paypal support email given through the app and haven't heard back. The address in the emails looks really sketchy though, so I'm pretty sure it's a phishing attempt. Especially since it's telling me I reached my account limit when I'm not anywhere close


Edit: I tried contacting support through the messaging function on the website and got a reply back:


We have checked that your account is fully verified and we cannot see any email we sent regarding verifying an account. This might be a fake or phishing email. Please do not click on any link or provide any personal and financial information.


Thank you for letting us know that you received a suspicious email. Fake emails, also known as phishing emails, attempt to gain access to your personal information by including links to fake websites. These fake websites encourage you to enter personal information like credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and account passwords.

Please forward the suspicious email (or website url) to us so we can investigate this further. Here's how:
1.Do not change the subject line and do not forward the message as an attachment.
2.Forward the email to
3.Delete the email from your inbox.

We'll send you an email response to let you know if the email is indeed fake. In the meantime, don't click on any links or download any attachments within the suspicious email.
If you provided any personal information in response to a fake email or on a fake website, immediately change your PayPal password and security questions.
I'd do the same and confirm they don't have any holds on your account before you write off the emails, but the emails are probably a phishing scam.