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how to escalate a case to pay pal


how to escalate a case to pay pal

Hi i have an open case for stuff i bought on e-bay and tried to escalate it to pay pal when i press send the screen went off and invited me to log on when i already was i got no confirmation i am desperate being old and daft do not want to let this seller get away with it its very confusing and not user friendly well i just want instructions for an idiot in how i do this cheers Lolbo

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Re: how to escalate a case to pay pal

I had a similar problem.  Purchased item and never received.  Opened Issue with eBay, and Disputed item on Paypal.  Contacted seller and was told to wait.  (Also contacted shipping company and tracked package to local P.O. received over a month ago) Now eBay will not allow me to escalate because there is a Payment Issue (because of PayPal ) and will close issue if not resolved or escalated in 7 more days.  I have asked for help from Paypal resolution center, but no return call or message.  Seller says wait more.  I need help understanding eBay vs Paypal resolution process and getting this problem worked by someone to either get my item or refund.