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Hey guys,

I sold a jacket through facebook back in january 2019, the guy paid me through paypal goods and services, as i was going to the post office to ship off the parcel the guy asked me to send it to a different address then the one listed on his account I said no as I didn't want to be scammed and sent it to the address I was provided by paypal, there was no 'return to sender' label on it and when i tracked the parcel it was refused by the address and 'returned to the sender', with no return label on there and i can only assume it was later lost in the post as there was no link on the parcel to me

i then went away travelling and a few weeks after this incident the buyer had filed a claim against me claiming he never recieved the jacket (which i believe he didnt) I lost this case as I did not have enough time to reply to paypal and sort it out but i then appealed the case and on the paypal website it states that the case was won in my favour, but paypal had already taken £105 out of my account leaving me with -£105 as there was no money in the account, I assumed this would later be restored to a balance of £0

a couple weeks later i get a call from paypal asking me to pay the money i sent them a screenshot of my account where it says i won the case and they said they would look into it

didnt hear anything else until about 5/6 weeks later when i got a letter through the door from Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited saying they had been instructed by paypal to recover the £105 i owe them, i called up moorcroft and explained the situation and they said they would get in contact with paypal

got another letter yesterday saying they spoke to paypal and apparently the case was not closed in my favour even though it says it was on the website, any idea what i should do?Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 10.21.06.pngScreenshot 2019-02-21 at 12.31.11.png

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You may have won in theory but as you didn't respond to the initial dispute and the buyer was refunded then paypal can't force the buyer to pay again.

And you are not covered by seller protection once a refund has been issued.

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