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has anyone been scammed by someone call michael john gurr  as i purchased a hymer b544 for £7000 last week i paid  an escrow  payment with paypal through  a bank transfer the motorhome was supposed to be here on thursday so i contacted the seller who said that he made a mistake it was the following thursday but he has paid extra to shiply transport to get it here today sat he said i would have a 5 day inspection period before the funds would be released by paypal once i was satisfied he also wanted my id for the transport company  which i was stupid enough to give him which he will proberly use to scam someone else please be aware i have informed paypal and emailed them the false invoice that i was sent but they have not been to contact to tell me anything as yet buyers beware 



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Paypal does not do escrow.

Also sellers send invoices and buyers pay them, so if you got an invoice marked as paid then you would not have been paid and no money would ever show in your balance unfortunately.

Sounds as if you had scam fake paypal emails.

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