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escalated problem under review seemingly forever...

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Hi, so i have an escalated case with a seller who scammed me for an item and never sent it over.

Paypal has been reviewing the case, initially with a deadline set for April 27th. As that deadline neared, the estimated resolution time moved back to May 5th and now as that time approached as well, has now moved to May 17th... 

The entire case is super simple, what is paypal reviewing that takes that long...


escalated problem under review seemingly forever...


That's what paypal does. They will keep moving that date indefinitely. If you paid by credit card just file a chargeback with them. That's the only way paypal will learn to stop **bleep** buyers over

escalated problem under review seemingly forever...

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OR ...


Paypal it appears are inundated with claims mainly from buyers that bought tat from these China websites or Social Media ads !
So all claims are being pushed back unfortunately.

As long as yours has been escalated from a dispute to a claim, and is still being reviewed then you have the chance of a refund.
Sadly you will have to wait it out in the long queue though.  

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Kudos / Solution appreciated.

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