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ebay item incorrect paypal


ebay item incorrect paypal

I sold an item on Ebay on the 17th of January, it instantly said that it had been paid for so I sent the item,

I waited the 21 days Ebay said it would take for the funds to clear. After that amount of time I discovered no money in my account. I went into my Ebay and noticed in the sale of the item a completely different Paypal address was listed. Not an old one, just a random email that had nothing to do with me. Potentially I was logged in on a public computer or something, but I doubt it.

Anyway, the buyer has not responded and looks like he never will. Doesn't speak English and lives in macedonia. Ebay said its nothing to do with them and aren't able to help.

Paypal have claimed its up to the buyer to reverse those funds and send them to my real paypal, although that is clearly not possible.

This seems to be some kind of paradox that I am stuck in and nothing can be done about it. The amount was $1568 so it is completely devastating and has destabilised my life significantly. 

Any help would be much appreciated.