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ebay buyer abuses returns, paypal refuses to get involved

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ebay buyer abuses returns, paypal refuses to get involved

Good ol ebay. They go to extreme measures to enable buyers to abuse returns and automatically refund bogus claims, to the expense of sellers who are just trying to be honest and turn a profit.

To be specific, I have a return from a buyer who replaced good parts in cameras with bad. They then put in a claim to ebay that the cameras had more defects than in the description. Ebay then automatically, without contacting me, the seller, that the buyer has a complaint. Ebay issues a return lable, which I have to pay for, then demands that I refund the buyer as soon as I receive the items.

Pretty straight forward, except that the buyer has replaced the good lenses and the good sensors in the cameras for bad ones.

I submit a fraud claim with ebay, which is ignored. I try to submit a fraud claim with paypal, which is ignored.

Cost of doing business? Really!?!?

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Re: ebay buyer abuses returns, paypal refuses to get involved



Well Ebay has nothing to do with Paypal so their dispute process is entirely separate.

However Paypal covers you for non receipt of item OR item received but not as described.

They also cover you as a seller for false claims of non receipt (if you have tracking) and unauthorised transactions, that is when your paypal account has been hacked and used without your consent, neither of which apply to you so not sure how Paypal is to blame for your Ebay failed dispute.  

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