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eBay, PayPal, refund - item not received


eBay, PayPal, refund - item not received

I placed an order on 24th February. The item was dispatched but without tracking information, every though the postage was special delivery. The item never arrived. I opened a case on eBay and they told me to open through PayPal. Once I had done that eBay told ,e it was out of there hands and the only way they could get involved again was to cancel the claim on PayPal. So I did that. Now I am stuck as eBay can’t help and the option for item not received on PayPal is no longer available. 
I feel like I was pawned off by eBay and scared I won’t receive a refund.
is there anything I can do?

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Re: eBay, PayPal, refund - item not received



File a dispute with your credit card issuer.

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