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disputed claims

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disputed claims

How do I go about getting a refund from a company that sent me junk? when the shipping to return the item is more then double what I paid for the item to begin with.   I opened a disput a month ago. Paypal has reached out to me and said the company is offering a full refund of $82 but it would cost me $192 to ship it back because they gave a international address.


Re: disputed claims

Start a chat to plead your case to a live agent. You may get lucky and one of them might help appeal the case. If that doesn't work, report your expereince to any outlet you know. PP knows full well the scams (ordered x, sent y, demand return for refund) and doing nothing. Here's link to TV station to suggest news story.


It's KTLA in Los Angeles. Google the link if PP deletes it.