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dispute under review for over a month

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dispute under review for over a month



2 months ago I decided to open a case for an item that hasn't been delivered. By mistake I chose wrong category (unauthorised transaction) and when I tried to close it and open a new, correct claim it wasn't possible. After a month I received an email that my claim was rejected (which I expected as that was an authorised transaction through eBay) but now it's status merely changed to "under review" by paypal and I still can't change it to the correct reason which is "the item has't been delivered". I went through FAQ and I'll say upfront I can't escalate it and also after speaking with bay's customer service they have told me I need to sort it out with paypal directly. I didn't get any useful information through palpal's Customer Service either as it is all automated and only informs how to open a new claim.