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dispute keeps changing dates

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dispute keeps changing dates

so I’ve been waiting on PayPal to come to some sort of resolution for something I never received / the company will not respond to me. After they gave PayPal a tracking # that doesn’t work my case said it would be resolved by April 22, then it changed to May 1st, and now it says May 11th..... do they do this a lot? I’ve never had to file any kind of dispute before. 😞 I just want my money back.

Re: dispute keeps changing dates

I have been waiting since January 15 for a credit for “non delivered item “ from Wish.

so much for buyer protection. PayPal sucks. When I get my refund I will close my account.

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Re: dispute keeps changing dates



Paypal it appears are inundated with claims mainly from buyers that bought tat from these China websites or Social Media ads !
So all claims are being pushed back unfortunately.

As long as yours has been escalated from a dispute to a claim, and is still being reviewed then you have the chance of a refund.
Sadly you will have to wait it out in the long queue though.  

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