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deposited £100 to William Hill, they won't return it.


deposited £100 to William Hill, they won't return it.

Hi, William Hill advertised odds 50/1 for Trump to win the US election so I deposited £100 and took a look. Advert was a huge con, £1 max bet, needed a code on sign up which was impossible to find where to input, offer had ended and payout was for further gambling credit only. Most importantly, the odds had changed to very poor and were not worth gambling


I decided to withdraw my £100 back to my papal and close my account. I've had lots of gambling accounts for one off events, I'm not much of a gambler, some I will leave a small balance for future events, some I will withdraw all funds and close or leave dormant & empty. Never had a problem with any. 


Suddenly William Hill won't return my money - to the same source they took it from using only my sign up details. Now they want photos and ID and a whole list of stuff or say they won't return my money at all. I (feel they are trying to force me to gamble. In their T&C it says they may ask this following suspicious activity, very large withdrawals or unmatched names and bank accounts - none apply to me. 


Where do I stand please? I tried Paypal but they wouldn't help. I'd like my money back and I don't want to use William Hill every again, in the meantime I was able to close my account quite easily. I paid with my paypal balance. thanks