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damaged item


damaged item

i sent a camera a few days ago, i have pictures if it without scratches but the buyer reported it damaged and sent pictures with scratches on the lens. He's threatening to report me if i don't send him money. What should I do?

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Re: damaged item



Have buyer file a Significantly Not As Described dispute.


They should locate the transaction, click it, then click "Report a problem".


This will open a dispute and the amount in dispute is deducted from your PayPal account pending outcome.


Each party can make their case and/or negotiate a solution which may include a partial refund or refund upon return or escalate within 20 days from date of dispute to PayPal to review case and make a ruling.


PayPal will either rule in your favor and return your money or ask buyer to return item for a refund if damaged in transit.


Keep in mind, that the buyer CAN go to their financial institution to dispute, should they lose their PayPal dispute. This will incur an extra fee in addition to amount in dispute by PayPal to handle your case and may take longer to resolve.

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