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confusing scam

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confusing scam

i went to a ebay site and ordered two micro card readers.  This site i went to i later noticed had no item number on it.  when i paid i was immediately told i had been sent two ' different ' card readers. and the money was taken.

The site i clicked on i believe was what they call 'click bait'.  it was not a genuine site.  However the seller could claim i ordered the ones he sent me. 

trying to explain this complicated situation was not easy.  The seller did not reply to my emails.

ebay told me i had to escalate by 12 sept which i did.

but have now received an email from pay pal saying since i did not escalate and they have now close the case.

i know the amount paid is not big, but i pursued it because i believe i have been the victim of dishonesty.  And that other people will fall victim.

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Re: confusing scam



Did you open an ebay dispute OR a paypal dispute??

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