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complaints address and procedure



  • eBay - canadianonline (yanl273)Purchase 122018

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: White Close Coupled Toilet WC Pan Seat Dual Push Button Flush Cistern Bathroom( 263482828352 )FromItem location:<removed>, Dunstable, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Dear Sir, Madam

I am writing to open a formal complaint and to express the distress this situation and the mishandling of it has caused me and my son. I live in a one bathroom house and was refitting my bathroom and brought this item: White Close Coupled Toilet WC Pan Seat Dual Push Button Flush Cistern Bathroom( 263482828352 )FromItem location:<removed>, Dunstable, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom .As taken directly from the advert.

When the plumber came to fit the toilet he said it was defective and was not level at the bottom which he could not tell until he fitted it on a self-levelled floor. It was also supplied with a broken toilet seat with no fittings. At first I requested a replacement toilet seat from the supplier but they did not respond to my complaint. The toilet had to be fitted, as we effectively had no toilet now, so was fitted the best it could be but wobbled and rocked when used. I opened a dispute on Ebay.


The toilet then cracked from wobbling as it was not level at the bottom and the toilet leaked whenever used. It was impossible. The seller would not respond. I phoned E bay and they said they understood I had no working toilet but I would have to wait another 14 days for a refund or for the seller to respond. I explained I did not have the money for another toilet and currently had no effective toilet as it leaked, whatever was flushed, onto the floor. The Lady said she would escalate it and forwarded the call to Paypal without me knowing that that was the process. It had not been the process in the past. I explained the situation to Paypal and the lady explained I would have to wait 14 days the same as Ebay and opened a case. I got an email saying E Bay have closed the case and despite the toilet not being fit for purposed and purchased via them, they have stated that the responsibility is completely with Paypal.


After the 14 days have passed and I have got a loan to get a new toilet, I got an e mail from Paypal saying they cannot give me a refund unless I return the TOILET to AMERICA.


I have never ever been so outraged before. I didn’t but the toilet from America.


The Paypal call handler explained that that was the process and a refund was impossible unless I returned the product to America. He said I could e mail my complaint to Paypal as they don’t take complaints over the phone or take legal action in some way but was not sure how. He was also not able to give out an address of the complaints dept.


As you can imagine I have had the cost of having a plumber called out to a defective toilet 3 times and had the cost of fitting a replacement. I went a week with NO TOLIET in my house and we had to use a bucket. The toilet is still in the garage as it costs £20 to get rid of it at the tip and expense that will also fall to me. I am a single Mum on a low income and this has been extremely distressing and an awful experience. Now to be told basically you’re not even getting your money back for the defective product. It would cost hundreds to ship a massive heavy broken toilet to America!!


This is clearly a scam and E Bay and Paypal don’t seem to care to do anything about it. A manager from Paypal E mailed me to say they have credited £20 to send a large, 2 man lift toilet, to America when it clearly came from England. I did not want this payment and do anot accept it. How ridiculous can you be. A quote to send it to America is £390 and the Paypal manager has not even bothered to look at where the product was from. Appalling!


I feel sure that this cannot be legal, and feel E Bay just fobbed me off and transferred the call to Paypal, against my wishes, and Paypal have not dealt with this appropriately at all and refused to give me the address to make a formal complaint in line with the FSA procedure.

As this product was brought in England with an English address I will be using English Law as advised by the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline. My reference with them is Ref no 14847790 and they have referred the matter to Trading Standards. They advised under the Consumer rights act 2015 the toilet was not satisfactory quality, and I am entitled to a repair or replacement and as the goods were delivered then they will need to be collected.

I would like to make a formal complaint and escalate. this to the Financial Services Authority as I believe Paypal have dealt with this complaint very poorly. I would have expected my money back and some compensation for having to use a bucket for a toilet, let alone all the addition expense, time , stress and hassle this has caused me. To date I have made over 30 phone calls often on hold for hours at a time.

I would also like to highlight how difficult it is to get PayPal’s complaints procedure. I was told twice by 2 different call centre operatives that they were not allowed to give the complaint departments address out, and that was only allowed to be given out by managers. It is clear PayPal restrict making complaints in writing as this is the process of formalizing a complaint with the FSA, therefore there are less complaints as it is nearly impossible to get the address or follow the procedure.

I look forward to your response in writing within the next 14 days.

Kind Regards,

Rachael <removed>

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