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being charged exchange rate "difference" due refunded payment of "hacked" international payor

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being charged exchange rate "difference" due refunded payment of "hacked" international payor

Curious to see if others have had a similar issue-
We run a non-profit and received a series of payments from Great Britain in GB pounds. (it is not at all unusual for us to receive international payments).
We had the donation converted from GBP  --> USD and that was that. About one month later, the sender of the payments filed a dispute with Paypal claiming they were "hacked" and asking for a refund. Paypal granted that refund and withdrew the money from our account. However, the exchange rate had changed over that period and Paypal withdrew ~$80 more than the value of the original payment. So, we did nothing to solicit the payment (i.e., we were not "selling" an item nor sending an invoice... it was completely passive income as a "donation") but it somehow "cost" us $80?

PayPal has not responded to my email saying that we should be reimbursed for the cost difference, since we did nothing wrong, made no error, were not hacked, etc. They make a big deal about their "Buyer/seller protections" but claim that this transaction does not fall under that policy.

Has anyone else had similar experiences and what was your resolution? Only a small % of our payments come through PayPal and their business model has continued to decline over the years. Our feeling is that if PayPal does not resolve this and cover the costs of "their" errors (after all, we were not the ones "hacked") then we will almost certainly just close our PayPal account as there are now numerous other options for online money transfers.