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banned for life


banned for life

Hi All


I know i won't get much help or a reply from paypal but here goes.


I own a vape store in the uk and used paypal for my online payment - all over the uk vape shops and high street shops sell CBD products as they are now becoming a world wide product - so i decided to add some into my online store. i did get a warning from paypal after a short limitation to remove the CBD so i did.

Next i opened a totally separate online store selling just CBD - i used paypal and another payment service. Again i got a warning and gave up - i shut the 2nd site down and now had NO CBD on my main vape site.


i started to use eBay to sell my vape items as i have been VERIFIED by eBay to sell such items. 3 weeks in PAYPAL have now **bleep** my account along with my personal account and my partners account due to it being the same home address.


We now have a permenant ban on ALL accounts and when i called i was told its a life time ban, with no reason given at all. They told me that they never give a reason so that member of the public can't find loopholes to get around why they have been banned. I was told by the lady at paypal after a 15min or so call - listen my **** i suggest we end the call as we are going round in circles - when i asked how i was supposed to sell on e bay she just replied - FIND ANOTHER SELLING PLATFORM.




Is there any other way to sell on e bay as they have a policy where paypal must be offered, I need to know if there are any other payment solution that i can use.


I appreciate that PayPal is a world known brand and trusted by many of the worlds population but  but i can't accept that one company has that much control over what you can and can't do online.


Also do popped on e bay trust other payment solutions as this morning I've had one lady tell me that she will only ever buy if she can pay by PayPal


Please help....and thanks in advance





Re: banned for life

I've been an eBay and Paypal member since inception 25 year anniversary.   One day they just froze my business, personal, and wife's account( all separate tax id's and email address) It's been a year in a half, I've sent a certified letter, call customer service and have yet to receive a response or my money back.  I hope someone files a class action lawsuit or a Netflix a documentary on how paypal treats it patrons.