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account limited


account limited

It's more than two years that my account has limited I can't access my account this is the result anyone can help me.

1- when I opened the PayPal account, I didn't understand that we have creat with my own name, but I created with another name. 

2- I am a refugee so I don't have any documents to prove for PayPal, 

3- when PayPal asked for proof I send my friend ID No. 

right now my account has limited any advice for me thanks before. 

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Re: account limited




If the name on the account is not a name that was ever your legal name, it is not likely that a name change will be possible. Names can be changed on an account in the following circumstances:


A legal name change

A minor misspelling

And in the case of an account for a registered business, a change in the designated contact for the company.


Changing from a fictitious name (or, as in your case, a name unrelated to your legal name) to a legally recognized name is not something that is supported. If the account is not currently limited, you may wish to close the account and open an account using the correct information.

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