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account limited since august 2018 due to married name


account limited since august 2018 due to married name


can anyone advise me please,

opened my business account in my married name, have my bank cards again in my married name on my account, account was limited, wanted ID, so I sent my licence and marriage certificate, PayPal denied it, sent household bills and passport (passport and licence in maiden name) so I have no photo ID accept my public services Government card, which was also denied, its been months now and I'm still none the wiser on what to do, I was told I cant change back to my maiden name without divorce papers, but everything I have given has been denied.

I would really appreciate some help

Thank You.

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Re: account limited since august 2018 due to married name



What? It is obvious software is being used to check these documents or something. How could they reject your marriage license?! Were the copies of the documents scanned? Or taken by camera on your phone? I would scan the docs at 300 dots per inch/high-res, convert it to pdf and upload it again whether you are changing your name to maiden or simply confirming your name. You might want to call customer service.


Click HELP at the top menu, scroll down to click CONTACT US, and then scroll down to click CALL US.

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Re: account limited since august 2018 due to married name

they were photos I uploaded, but no matter what I gave them they refused it, so I called and spoke to someone who said my licence was expired (17/6/2050) its obviously not, but she said I needed to buy another passport with my married name on it, my passport is now expired but as I'm not going anywhere I wont be renewing it at the moment. I have household bills in my married name and my bank account cards and bank account, in married name etc linked to the account, but they still wont remove the limitation, I've just designed a website and want to put the PayPal button on it but the money that's going in, I may never actually see. I read on a post here someone in the same situation and that seems to have been solved...