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account limitations and can't remove card

New Community Member

account limitations and can't remove card

I recently flagged some fraud, and since then I have limitation applied to my account.   I have provided all documentation, that I can,  but can not verify the credit card since it was canned after the fraud was reported.  I am unable to talk to a real person,  great customer service. 

Hell, I can't even cancel my paypal.  I have no balance  and nothing outstanding other than the credit card fraud case.


1. Are there any real people who work at paypal that I can talk to, or are they all automated voiced run by drunken squirrels?

2. How do I remove a credit card that (was mine, see fraud)  but no longer have access to.  I cant do the penny charge , because fraud cancelled that card. 



Re: account limitations and can't remove card

I used the app to transfer my money to my bank and remove my card after going through the exact dilemma. It worked for me. That’s the only thing that has worked with PayPal in quite a while!