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account limitation


account limitation

 Hi everyone , I receive a notification that my account has been limited due  to some  Paypal's agreement policy  , and knowing I didn't do anything  to my account . I use it just to receive payment and withdraw payment ,  Please  is there anyway   you could help me in regards with  this problem?


Re: account limitation

Hello, @Yogabella123


Thank you for your post and welcome to our Community Help Forum!


I am sorry to know that your account is limited. Account limitations are placed in situations where we see unusual or suspicious activity, or when we need to collect information necessary for keeping your account open. When we place a limitation, an email is sent to explain the reason for the limitation and what needs to be done to resolve the problem. In most cases, you can find options to resolve the limitation in the Resolution Center. If you've already checked the Resolution Center and still need help, please do reach out to our Customer Support by clicking on the contact option at the bottom of the page on our website so we can have a closer look at the situation.


I hope this helps.