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account hijacked


account hijacked

hi , one of my friends shared her PayPal with an online friend , that friend is from the "uk" as we know , she/he changed the password , and phone number , he/she keeps buying things and putting the account on more dept , she deleted the email connected to the paypal  , please whats the fastest way to disable that account , im sure that she tried to contact paypal , but i have no idea why she can't disable it , its using her name and national ID 


Re: account hijacked

call paypal to take down the account and change it

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Re: account hijacked



Its against paypal rules to 'share' a paypal account unless its a business one in a business name.

If the account has her name on it then the account belongs to her.

However if she is using a 'funding source' that belongs to you then your best bet is to cancel that linked card so it can't be further used to fund purchases.

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