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account closure with no reason

New Community Member

account closure with no reason

dear community 

as this pandemic and MCO situation in Malaysia i decided to sell my services and products online ,so  

i open account a few days ago and start receiving money from my clients .

after first transaction my account was limited and asked for some documents and i sent all and my account restored .

just today my relative from US sent me an amount of 300$ as gift and suddenly paypal closed my account without any reason.

it made me shocked and confused about paypal decision to close my account without any reason as im obeying all paypals' rules .

i already sent a few email to appeal and recheck my account and at the same time i asked my relative in US to check with paypal and he is also shocked about paypal decided to close my account without reason.

so now im requesting to check my account and help to restore my account so i can do my business and get payments