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a Chinese company called AIKPRO.LIMITED is scamming people


a Chinese company called AIKPRO.LIMITED is scamming people

I ordered a surfboard from them. but they sent me a cheap $2 watch. when filled a dispute they offered me a 40% refund. I refused. because im sure this is a game they are playing to make money of. now they want me to return the watch to China on MY expense (which I shouldn't be responsible for) in order to get my full refund!!  

I'm pretty sure this happened to many of paypal and non paypal users. I'm on the phone right now waiting to talk to a paypal customer service rep. 

I will ask them to not partner with the scammers and give me my money and also penalize this AIKPRO.LIMITED company. companies like this must stop robbing people's money by  cheating the system. they basically find a loop hole in paypal system and use it to rob people's money.  I hope paypal fairly works this out and not be a part of the problem. 

I will update this post to let you know what happens. 


Re: a Chinese company called AIKPRO.LIMITED is scamming people

The item I ordered was never delivered. I asked for proof and was never sent proof all they said was, it was delivered. PayPal sided with this company and said they had provided this delivery proof and denied my claim. I have now searched about this company and seen that there are many, many people who have been scammed by Aikpro and Myahn through Facebook and PayPal.  I cannot get in touch with PayPal to dispute this as the case has been closed!  I have never seen proof of delivery and I never received my item and I am so disappointed in PayPal. They must be making a huge commission off this fraudulent company to deny our claims 😞