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Re: Best drone from ZG TECHNOLOGY ?

So I suppose I shall film the unboxing just to keep track of what I'll get.

But I was wondering if any one in this community has received a "proper" drone such as described in their web site.

However I suppose who has been satisfied never browse this thread.


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Re: Best drone from ZG TECHNOLOGY ?




Even the ad's for the Wigs & hair extensions people bought are not EVEN CLOSE to what was advertised.. Those people bought wigs from ad's that said 100% HUMAN HAIR WIGS & got dollar store costume junk, same for all the people who purchased "Machined Aluminum Functioning Collectable Lightsabers" they got $2 Dollar Tree junk, the "Articulating Ironman Glove" they got a latex smelly glove with a plastic jewel glued on it.

The Drones are a joke for MONTHS the ads they were running showed the $1500 Waterproof SWELLPRO Splash Drone with the swellpro logo Photoshop off & the closeup pictures were of the $1400 Waterproof AUTEL Robotics Drone with the logo photoshopped off.


If you look at some of the NEW ZG Technology ad's now they're not even doing that, their latest ad is of the DJI SPARK whole ad COPY & PASTED even says DJI all over the place only thing they changed was put a "slash" thru the $900 price & put SALE $39 next to it..


If you have been following this thread it doesn't take very long to see this is an organized fraud.

YES ... SWELLPRO & other companies have been trying to get the ad's taken down but it appears that as long as ZG Tech- HKG Tech pays their ad - webspace bill Facebook will continue to run the ad's even though they're copyright infringement or whatever you call it, SHOPIFY will continue to host their webstores & PayPal will continue to be their payment processor.

Its hard to believe with the length of time this scam has been going that none of these company's are aware that ZG tech is conducting fraudulent activities especially since companies & victims have notified ALL of these companies directly, me included..


Re: Best drone from ZG TECHNOLOGY ?

"This seller seems to have a habit of sending the wrong item, so chances are there is nothing like what is claimed in the box." They don't send the wrong item on accident they don't even have the item their advertising.

ZG TECHNOLOGY CO LIMITED Scams and paypal knows it

I filed a dispute with PayPal and when they gave me the let the company that scammed you try and resolve the problem first speech. I got upset but one thing i realized they had a different company name instead of ZG TECHNOLOGY CO LIMITED it said NC TECHNOLOGY CO LIMITED I GOOGLED it and sure enough this had been change sad part PayPal you know and do nothing.
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Re: ZG TECHNOLOGY CO LIMITED Scams and paypal knows it



A lot of people slate Paypal like that until their dispute is escalated to a claim and they get their refund.   Smiley Frustrated

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Re: ZG TECHNOLOGY CO LIMITED Scams and paypal knows it

Bought a drone on (payment to ZG Technologies). Only saw a small toy instead. Paypal would not refund (they require me to send the toy back, which costs extremely expensive, and I will only see a small amount back). Scam from ZG Technologies as well as Paypal.

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Re: ZG TECHNOLOGY CO LIMITED Scams and paypal knows it

I have this same problem! 

I'm waiting what PayPal do about it! If nothing I'll do a great add for PayPal, Facebook and Instagram for supporting scam! 
Just look on this product! And find 5 differents! ZG TECHNOLOGY has a lot of websites and all of them selling this same s^%$£! 
So, now I'm waiting to see BUYER PROTECTION by PayPal. 

2 fake drone.jpg


1 fake drone.jpg


4 fake drone.jpg


3 fake drone.jpg


5 fake drone.jpg



Re: ZG TECHNOLOGY CO LIMITED Scams and paypal knows it

wish i seen this post before buying a smart watch on facebook, looks like ive been scammed as well. UK.



I too have been ripped off by scammers operating out of China. I did as paypal advised and refused delivery. Paypal blocked me off their facebook pages because I was exposing both paypal and the scammers for lack of doing anything to shut down the scams. They are still taking the money out of my account as they said that the tracking information they received wasn't any good . It was the same tracking number as the scammers because I refused delivery. Paypal demand for you to send the fake dodgy children's toys back to the criminals for resale before offering a refund which they refused through their disputes centre. I am going to contact the police over the Scams running out of China being facilitated by paypal by continuing to allow the scams to carry on paypals platform. This is the second time I've lost money through the supposedly safe paypal system. I won't ever be using PayPal again because they are just as bad as the criminals they allow to use its services.


After weeks of waiting, things may be looking up for me.  Got an email from Paypal with the following content:


We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your

You have indicated that a partial refund of $65.95 USD would be
We were able to recover $65.95 USD, and this amount has been credited to
you. Please allow 5 working days for this adjustment to be posted.

If you are due any additional funds, we will make our best effort to
recover the balance from the seller.

If the seller's account has insufficient funds to complete the refund owed
to you, please be assured that we will take appropriate action against the
seller's account, which may include limitation of the seller's account

Fingers crossed >.<