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Zg technology

I was also scammed by them. Can i be reimbursed?

ZG Technoloy

I have written to the Chines Embassy in the UK. The following is the exact content:


Dear Sirs.


I thought it wise to bring to your attention a company operating from within your country that is giving China a very bad name. I understand your authorities do not take kindly to operators that take advantage of their position. I hope you will listen to my complaint, it is just one of many thousands that concern this company.


ZG Technology (ZGT) is using FaceBook to lure people in to buy their products. Unfortunately ZGT are not supplying the exact products ordered and sometimes not supplying any product at all. In my case, I paid for a very elegant Smart watch, I received a very cheap product that did most of what I expected, but it was the wrong design and the wrong colour. My cost was just under $37 USA dollars. I paid with PayPal, and that is where I found their community page and the huge long list of other peoples complaints about this company.


From reading the list of complaints on PayPal they all have similar stories. They go like this. They see a flashy video on FaceBook and follow a link to a website describing very good looking products and very tempting prices. Unfortunately the supplied goods do not represent what has been purchased or never arrive.


My watch supposedly supplied by ZGT in fact came from:



Shunyi District


China                     BeiJingShi 1000000           Phone <removed>


I have carried out a little research and found this link (link removed) (The UK is banned from seeing the content of this link – WHY is that?)

 on Google describing this address as:

(link removed)

7 Jul 2018 - <removed>Shunyi China ... Category: Internet Fraud, Bank fraud,Withdrawing money without authorization, ...


I would be very interested to hear from you, and so would the very large community at PayPal.


Yours faithfully.


If you see this post with loads of editing because it fails PayPals rules they might have removed the following:

There is a link to Ripoffreportdotcom. This link is not viewable in the UK

The full postal address and phone number my watch came from.


If we do not get proper protection from PayPal we could get a Class Action. I know that is a USA term, I don’t know what the equivalent is in the UK




Re: ZG Technoloy

when I just logged on I noticed something that ridiculous post that Olivia made declaring the subject SOLVED. well 111 people found that post helpful I'm curious exactly what part of that post was helpful & insightful into the ZG Technology /HKG Technology situation. Have yet to see anyone from from PayPal address the ongoing faud/scam as well as taking some sort of action if not pulling thier services from the company at least tell them to stop using stolen ads for products they don't actually sell in their bait & switch scam

Re: ZG Technoloy

I've looked into this scam. paypal have received thousands of complaints about misleading advertising and marketing out of China. I too have been ripped off by the criminals and paypal found in their favour because I refused delivery after being made aware of the Scam by other victims. Paypal seem happy to help criminals in their activities in ripping people off all over the world. I've spent hours on the phone trying to sort it out. Got email today stating paypal taking the money out my bank in a couple of days. So I've emptied the account. Paypal even blocked me on Facebook because I've been exposing the scam on their fb pages. My bank advised me last time I got ripped off by paypal NOT to use them as they don't honour their promises. Going to report this to the police as all sorts of European advertising and consumer laws are being ignored. Personally I think PP is making too much money themselves off the scam to stop it.
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Re: ZG Technoloy

It's happening to thousands of people around Europe. About time we all ring 101 in the UK and report this Scam that paypal seem to be happy to carry the on with operating out of China. We have very strict consumer law and regulations in the EU for consumer protection. About time our MEPs are also made aware of this scam.
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Re: ZG Technoloy

I have reported it to the Australian authorities but the fact that this scamming company still has an active PayPal account I believe makes PayPal also as guilty as ZG technology. PayPal deny every claim with the same excuse and that is an invalid tracking number This is a lie and PayPal know it but they use this as an easy way out, They are a disgusting company that do not care for their customers



Paypal working with NC Technology Facebook marketplace inside scam unsolved

UPDATE: NC Technology is ZG Technology  and here is the proof that Paypal has no idea what they are doing or are simply working with this seller to scam honest clients.   STILL UNSOLVED CASE!


On June 6 my girlfriend saw an ad on FB for a Drone (being advertised as the DJI Spark drone) which let her to this website from ZG TECHNOLOGY where I made the purchase with PAYPAL for $89.58 with express shipping.  The express shipping never happened.  She made the purchase because she trusted in PAYPAL as the money handler in case here was any problems.  Cicfun dott com and Newstarry dott shop are some of the fraud sites.


She then received a China Post tracking number that never worked.  So we contacted the seller who had 2 different emails and ZG TECH never responded on June 13th we placed a claim with PAYPAL about the shipping and they responded as usual to wait on the seller.  This is where I began to investigate and discovered that the original purchase site was no longer working and there were now more FaceBook Best Drone ads running with the same Drones and different lower pricing of $49 USD.  This is when I suspected it could be a scam.  But how could PAYPAL allow a seller to do this?   


Sign #1 that shows that Paypal is not doing their job in investigating ZG Tech

Still no response from Seller ZG TECH, and the claim was in escalation level with PAYPAL.  At this point we just wanted out $89.58 USD refunded for the drone.  But Paypal kept saying that they had to wait for more info from ZG Tech.  Wait for what info? Paypal already was aware of this seller’s scam operation and complaints since March 2018 yet Paypal could only tell us to wait.  That is not what a middle man who handles the money does.  So you can clearly see that Paypal is not doing their job here.  On June 21st we received a letter from the post office that the package with the China Post was stuck at customs and we had to send a copy of the invoice.  So we emailed that invoice and on July 6th we picked up the package and had to pay $32.88 for customs duties!  So now we were at $122.46 USD  We emailed all this including images to Paypal and they never responded.  And once again no response from Paypal.  Paypal was clearly not doing their job and showed no interest in helping.


Upon opening the package that came from an address in The Netherlands, I saw that the Drone was not the one advertised not even close to it.  I searched for it by the name (S9 drone) on the box and found it was a $20 junk toy that did not even work properly.  I found this info on various sites in China for the S9 drone.  The drone I ordered was supposed to be the DJI Spark model.  On June 7th we sent in images and receipts to PAYPAL and no response.  Now I was really upset and called PAYPAL and their rep calmed me down and said don't worry you money is safe and you will be refunded.  So he escalated the claim and change it from late shipping to not as described status.  After hanging up I did some more investigating since Paypal was not doing their Job quick enough and discovered a PAYPAL Community Disputes and Limitation post with the title ZG TECHNOLOGY CO LIMITED on here on here on Paypal with disputes against ZG TECH that had been going on since March 2018.  Now I felt used and that Paypal knew all about this and never told us back on June 13th when we placed the claim.  SHAME ON PAYPAL for that.  You can find the link on here or by doing a search on the internet.  I found it on Facebook under angry and upset folks that had been scammed also from ZG TECH and PAYPAL. 


Sign #2 that shows that Paypal is protecting this scam seller ZG TECH

Yesterday July 9th, Paypal emailed us saying to return the worthless Drone that does not even work back to the scam artist seller ZG TECH and that is when I researched the return address.  Here you can see that Paypal blocks the Netherland’s address of ZG TECH to protect this scam seller which is wrong because everyone should be aware of this.  Anyway just run a search on the address on your package and you will see what I am talking about.    


The return address from the Netherlands on the package read


<Removed by Paypal>

The Netherlands


The results of this so called legitimate return address that does not exist were numerous reports from Ebay and Paypal that came up with that address in the Netherlands.  NOW I KNEW THAT THIS WAS A WELL ORGANIZED SCAM and possible PAYPAL was in on it or an inside job.  OPEN YOUR EYES PAYPAL!


Sign #3 that shows that Paypal is protecting this scam seller ZG TECH

So on July 9th I called Paypal again because the message on the claim said to return the package to some address in China.  The address was in Chinese.  So now I am have to understand Chinese and be an expert at shipping to China.  My question is why should I have to ship to China if the package came from the Netherlands.  But wait it gets better.  The first Paypal rep has no idea of how to help me so she transfers me to a Specialist who tells me that she will email the scam seller so he can translate the address into English. So still the specialist after analyzing everything tells me she needs to follow procedure even though it seems like a scam.  So when I ask her are you helping this scam seller she replies “no we just need to protect the seller as well as the buyer”.  So that made no sense.  I then asked if she was going to cover the return shipping and she said she would send me a promo link to cover return shipping up to $30 USD.



After carefully thinking why did the package come from the Netherlands and why it took 15 days to arrive to us when it was supposed to have been shipped express within 7-10 business days which is what we paid for.  Post only takes about a week from the Netherlands to this part of Europe.  So the seller already had a return there in the Netherlands from other scammed clients and shipped one of those returns to us to buy time.  And now this fraudster ZG Technology wants us to return the drone to China where he originally bought it.  Also if you analyze the video for the drone you can see a blond guy probably from the Netherlands and an Asian with half of his face covered who is probably from China. So there is never any new merchandise just a bunch of returns being reshipped and returned and then reshipped.  Floating returnable merchandise is what this scam should be called.  And they use Paypal because the return policy works for this type of scam.  BUT DON NOT GIVE UP THAT EASY AND PLACE YOUR CLAIM AND LINK THIS POST TO YOUR COMPLAINT TO BACK YOU UP.  BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT IS GOING ON BUT PAYPAL HAS NOT REALIZE IT YET.



Paypal has lost their mind if they think that the return address of this scammer seller really exists.   So it looks like we will be getting our refund in another 30 days.


This case seems more like PAYPAL has been scammed by ZG TECHNOLOGY and now they want to see if anyone actually takes the time to complain and try and get their hard earned money back.


PAYPAL as the trusted middle man money handler should be responsible and from all the facts presented here is to blame for not having removed this seller ZG Tech back in March 2018.   Also there are signs that show that Paypal is protecting this fraud seller and helping them to stall.


PAYPAL Refund our money and live up to your reputation!   


Re: Paypal working with NC Technology Facebook marketplace inside scam unsolved

Waiting for my refund from purchasing a 360 deg camera watch from ZG Technologies which after paying believe they are scamsters, why dud Paypal allow rhus as they are here to protect the customers of illegal dealings, please sort this out and refund my monies.

Shop closed

I ordered from the infamous ZG Technology in June 20... cannot find my order on PayPal.. yet I have receipt from PayPal.. I tried tracking my order but it comes back “shop closed “ then I read all these complaints about the company! Please help! I want my money back!!
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Re: Shop closed



Did you pay by logging into Paypal OR did you pay them via a debit / credit card as a guest buyer?

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