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Re: Scam! want refund!



Thats EXACTLY how I discovered the company was up to no good by doing a reverse image search on the product I had paid for.

Stupid me waited till after I paid to do that, the product I had purchased was a "SPLASH DRONE" when I reversed searched the images in the ad I found that the images, Specs & actually the whole damn ad was stolen directly from the SWELLPRO website & the pictures, Specs & info was that of the $1500 SWELLPRO SplashDrone 3 Auto as well of the AUTEL Technologies WaterProof Splash Drone which also cost $1500usd.

Which lead me to email those companies & they told me that they have been trying to get FACEBOOK as well as SHOPIFY to take down the ad's & pages with their products in them cause ZG Technology Co Limited isn't really selling their products..

This is the scam I got caught in THANK GOD I GOT MY $$$ BACK cause I realized it early enuff & refused delivery so I didnt have to go thru the BS & cost of sending it back    


     Seems as though ZG Technology is now using a different company's drone to run their scam I can't find the ad at the moment but I'm sure many have seen it of some guy tossing a pocket drone into the air & the arms & props pop out & then he throws a bucket of water onto the flying drone & also shows the drone stretching rubber bands.

anyway the drone you actually get is one similar to this



Re: Scam! want refund!

Yep, I was the one that made that video. Still in the dispute process. It amazes me that PayPal has managed to deny claims against this company, knowing full well that this is all fraud. So much for "PayPal protection", lol, it's a joke.

Re: Scam! want refund!

How did you refuse delivery? This is coming to a business and will be dropped off.

I fell for this.

I can't reach the seller as I'd realized after ordering I made an error on the order and wanted to correct it, it's been a week since I last tried to contact them and nothing from them at all.


Fingers crossed I can get this resolved.


Re: Scam! want refund!



I followed the tracking & on the day it it was supposed to be delivered to my house I told the mailman I am Not accepting delivery of that package, I AM REFUSING DELIVERY OF THAT ITEM..

Many people refuse delivery of packages or envelopes, by refusing to sign for it or saying,  send it back.

When you REFUSE DELIVERY you are not allowed to open it or do anything with it, the postman just takes it back.

A few people here in the forums have done EXACTLY what I did.

You can also leave a NOTE for your mailman if you cant be there when its getting delivered, You just write a note with the tracking # &/or saying I REFUSE DELIVERY OF PACKAGE WITH TRACKING # xxxxxxxx OR  SAY I REFUSE DELIVERY OF ANY PACKAGES FROM CHINA UNTILL FURTHER NOTICE...

Here is the tracking info from the pack I REFUSED..USPS Tracking® Results.jpg



Re: Scam! want refund!



Here is the actual guidelines from the USPS Official Website on HOW TO REFUSE DELIVERY OF ITEM


See section 1.1.2 and 1.1.3:


1.1.2 Refusal at Delivery

The addressee may refuse to accept a mailpiece when it is offered for delivery.


1.1.3 Refusal After Delivery

After delivery, an addressee may mark a mailpiece “Refused” and return it within a reasonable time,

if the piece or any attachment is not opened. Mail that may not be refused and returned unopened under this

provision may be returned to the sender only if it is enclosed in a new envelope or wrapper with a correct

address and new postage.

The following may not be refused and returned postage-free after delivery:

  1. Pieces sent as Registered Mail, insured, Certified Mail, collect on delivery (COD), Adult Signature and return receipt for merchandise.
  2. Response mail to the addressee’s sales promotion, solicitation, announcement, or other advertisement that was not refused when offered to the addressee.







Re: Scam! want refund!

Great, thank you. Hopefully if I can't flag it before it gets here, I can mark it refused and return it without opening it.

Thanks for digging this up, great to know. Sucks that these shady companies are still so prolific.

Sucks to be a sucker.


Re: Scam! want refund!



Now tell me this isn't STRANGE AS HECK???

I received my refund for $129 from PayPal for the WATERPROOF SPLASH DRONE which I ordered from AMAZ1INGSTUFF.COM after I refused the package...

When I got home from work look what was in my MAILBOX!!!package-3.jpg


















Apparently ZG Technology put a FAKE return shipping address on the package so the package I REFUSED couldn't be delivered so it came back to me...  LMFAO

You can check the tracking# against my dispute post to see I'm not BS'ing that this is indeed the package from ZG Technology..

Look at the return address they used!! it is a Costa Mesa, Calif addy with some guy Keith's name... lol

Now let PayPal tell me that ZG Technology is a honest company..

Here is another irrefutable piece of evidence

if your wondering here is the TREASURE that was contained inside.


OH YEA.. That looks like a water proof drone from the ad!!

Here is the video from the ad

and here is the ACTUAL ad that someone else posted

OK here is the 1080p camera on a GIMBAL lolcamera.jpgcamera.jpglook at this state of the art WATERPROOF cameracamera-a.jpgLook at this 2 axis GIMBAL!!


Here is the Box

box item.jpgbox-1.jpg



AS I said if I had to pay to ship this back to China I'd smash it or melt it into a little ball & then stuff it into a small envelope & send it back with a $1 airmail stamp !!!! I'm dead serious...

I'm still AMAZED THAT THIS CAME TODAY... it's like an OMEN for me to keep posting about ZG tech, PayPal, SHOPIFY & Facebook until someone STOPS THIS ORGANIZED FRAUD!!!

From my view I hope the FED's go after SHOPIFY, ZG Technology & everyone else involved on the RICO STATUE ITS LIKE AN ORGANIZED CRIME RING !!! It's too methodical!







Re: Scam! want refund!

Man, crazy. For some reason PP won't let me see the images you posted, they just look like generic image placeholders...

Re: Scam! want refund!



package-3.jpgPACKAGE WITH FAKE RETURN ADDYdrone.jpgdrone-1.jpgbox item.jpgbox-1.jpg