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Ysole Company Ltd - scammers


Ysole Company Ltd - scammers

Facebook advertising Revmill small ice cream maker for $34.77.  I buy it thru Paypal.  Envelope arrives one month later and is a cheap juicer that runs by USB Cable but doesn't work.  Paypal contacted... partial refund offered, but I refused; I wanted my total refund.  I was made to send Paypal an image of the original item I ordered, the Tracking Label from the envelope I received containing the wrong item and a picture of the wrong item (3 attachments).  I get an email stating I must mail back to China even though the item came from California.  I take it to the post office today and find it will cost $53.77 to mail it back.  You know who lost in this.  Even if I was stupid enough to mail it back, I know I would never get the refund.  I am still fighting with PAYPAL.  I will use my credit card whenever possible, instead of PAYPAL.  No one wants to help.

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Re: Ysole Company Ltd - scammers

Same thing happened to me and PayPal closed my case.  I ordered a Nintendo gaming system for $32.98...what I received was a small gaming thing not what I ordered.  I opened a dispute with Paypal.  Company offered me a partial refund.  I wanted all my money back.  They told me I had to ship back but did not provide a shipping label...why should I have to pay for shipping for the incorrect I requested through Paypal a label and PayPal closed my case and now no refund and they won't respond to my case anymore.......So I am out $32.98!!! and what I have is a cheap piece of crap!