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Your Accounts access is temporarily limited

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Reference ID: PP-L-257130837339

There are two options needed to answer in order to accomplish their requirements and to remove the account limitation:
Check your Primary Email for Instructions regarding Additional Required Documentation- the First Option

I have submitted the required documents as proof where the payments came from and explained what are these items involved. I submitted it clearly but still wondering if it push through while on "Submitted" Status as I haven't got any response from Paypal.


Remove items or content violating PayPal policy- the second Option


There is a glitch as I've been indicating the following website wherein I sold my items and already clicked the Option "yes" to their question "Have you removed all the items or content that violate our Acceptable Use Policy from this website?" but it has a glitch (image shown below). I'm frustrated as I've been chatting with multiple customer support agents from Paypal early March and late February 2021. They explained that I should wait and follow +submit all the required documents in order to comply with Paypal but unfortunately, I've been waiting about 1 month now since I've talked with an agent but no response whatsoever from Paypal. Is there really a solution for this?! or Goodbye Paypal Account which I've been using for 5 years now. 


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