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You've exceeded a regulatory limit


You've exceeded a regulatory limit

my account has been limited for +6 months now, they asked for an address proof and i sent the only address proof that i can get in Saudi Arabia. 

you keep saying that the document i sent is unacceptable and unreadable because its in arabic!!!! what should i do more? 


Re: You've exceeded a regulatory limit

Hi Bader, I had the same problem for more than a month, been providing them all related documents but of no use. Finally its solved:

1. Download the statement of local saudi bank Credit Card which is connected with Paypal (it must have a line or two mentioned as billing address)

2. Go to PayPal settings and change your current billing / residential address exactly similar to the one mentioned on Credit Card and make it as primary address

3. Submit the credit card statement as pdf or jpeg file


They should confirm your proof of address within 48 working hours.

Good Luck