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You can no longer use PayPal


You can no longer use PayPal

Hello everyone, once more Paypal is just keeping their reputation.


A few days ago, a Friend of mine gave me 15€, that we were going to pay a service 50/50.

All was fine and payments went through. 2/3 days Later I found my account limited.

Really?  Couldn't you just ask what you needed first? Either way. I sent my ID, information they asked and had to prove it was a Friend Transfer as they wanted to give Invoice, shipping information. Quite Ridiculous.


Also, I was selling some items on Ebay. On the moment one got sold and I ship the item, Paypal Immediately Permanently Suspended me.

I tried to contact support multiple times, but support does not read your messages, they simply copy paste the same over and over.

I said It was not about the money (180 days waiting), this limitation is ruining my business.

The buyer got the item, left positive feedback, ebay released the funds, all normal but Paypal. Well Paypal is another Story.


Now, I have no item, no money, am not allowed to use paypal and basically "can't do anything about it".


Thank you Paypal, thank you so much....


Re: You can no longer use PayPal

This is  so annoying, talking to robots..


They tell me to fix my open cases.
But I have no open cases!






Seriously Paypal STOP THIS NON SENSE!


Re: You can no longer use PayPal

The same thing happen to me to...


I just received the payment from the bitcoin that i sell and the next day paypal send a notification saying "You can no longer use PayPal".



Can someone help us to our problem?


Help us please....


Re: You can no longer use PayPal

Hi @pedrob92


Sorry if your account has been permanently limited. 


We can't always provide you with an exact reason as to why an account is limited as someone may try to get around the issue in the future if they open a new account. We will choose to do it if our terms of service have been violated or we believe the account to be too risky to process with PayPal. You can always reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook if you have additional questions. 


@jamespaul1, receiving payments for Bitcoin is against our Acceptable Use Policy. This would be a permanent limitation where we ask that you no longer use PayPal. I'm sorry if this creates an inconvenience. 





Re: You can no longer use PayPal

This is quite ridiculous.

No one provide any information, they are just making interest by holding our money.

Paypal has millions of dollars in frozen accounts, so can you imagine the amount of money being made by using those funds for other investments?

How is this fair for us? I did everything requested on time.

This is all a big scheme.


Holding money for 10 to 30 days okay I would accept, but 6 months? That's way out of common sense.


I will keep emailing paypal daily until someone gives me an answer, you're not allowed to ruin my business, "steal" my money, and shove it on my face some copy paste messages that are always the same.




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Re: You can no longer use PayPal

Hi, I have same issue. Is there a way to lessen the number of days? If you don't want us to be part of Paypal, it's fine but please give as our money back immediately. I have no issues, dispute or refund on my clients transaction and you earned a lot from me but you still choose to close my account. Please please please help. Support doesn't reply on my email. I badly needed my money for my father's medicine. It was so disappointed and I will not use paypal anymore for my business if that's what you want. thank you.


Re: You can no longer use PayPal

Thank you for everyone who been keeping this topic alive and sharing it through out the internet, so people are aware of things that have been going on.

It has already +35,000 Views and I will continue to share it so our "little voices" can be heard.


The only reason I don't seek legal help is that because I'd spend more in a attorney than the money I currently have stuck in Paypal.


Re: You can no longer use PayPal

Paypal cannot be serious, way over 1 Month later of treating me like garbage and ignoring me I get this email.





So now it's my fault because I didn't answer? Is this serious? I wrote like 10 tickets and I'm the one who doesn't answer.




Re: You can no longer use PayPal

Have you found a solution I got the same message as you did from selling on  eBay and then I give my information but after my account is permanently suspended I tried contacting them but they keep transfers to a robot.

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Re: You can no longer use PayPal



The solution is you stop using paypal as you have unfortunately been banned.

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.