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You Guys Have Put Me in TROUBLE!!!!! Did you realise it yet!!??

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You guys have put me in trouble. And thanks to you, my career as a writer is at stake.

You asked me to contact the sender of my money, so they can clarify that they paid me money, when they did pay me.


Now I and my payers have been experiencing problems in our working relationship, in regards to payment. So much so that our work relationship was DESTROYED.

However it was miraculously revived... And now you withheld my finds, asking me to go back to them with ONE MORE COMPLAINT (n after everything should have been going on fine by now).

Now I have not heard from them for a long time since you made me go back to "wake the dead".

What sort of trouble have you brought me into?

Are you going to employ me as a writer if you destroy my current working relationship?

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