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#Yokawa Network Limited # scam

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#Yokawa Network Limited # scam

Hi recently I placed an order for 4 security cameras from Yokawa Network Limited and was charged nearly $100 off my PayPal,upon receiving my order,turns out to be 4 memory chips instead. So I emailed this seller and also sent one to PayPal (I could not do it through the app,for some reason) the next day I receive an email back from PayPal saying my purchase order was for 4 memory chips & my claim was denied.(Which is not true,and I have proof to back it up,I had taken screenshots from the Facebook ad and also every page of my actual order form.) I am waiting to hear back from them because my 1st email sent,I had forgotten about my screenshots. Since this,I Googled these companies and found they have been scamming people for months now and PayPal keeps backing them. And this company is still running ads on Facebook, so people beware!!! My question is: I've always been told by friends that anything you buy through PayPal is covered,if problems were to arise, is this true?? This was my 1st & possibly last time ordering online,if I'm not reimbursed.);I need to know what I should do next, please? Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Re: #Yokawa Network Limited # scam

Have just discovered this myself in UK and am pushing for a refund from them.