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Yado E-Commerce Co,m Ltd is scam company


Yado E-Commerce Co,m Ltd is scam company

Order and paid in full by PayPal on May 13, 2020.

By June 3, email to endliu about when will I receive my product. No reply.

June 10, open case with PayPal requested refund for non delivery. endliu reply me with cc to PayPal said it is on the way. Was given a tracking link but it did not give result. since they cc PayPal, then PayPal consider we will resolve ourselves. Meanwhile, endliu just waste time or buy time to try to scam more people.

June 25, requested PayPal to issue refund, they reply with open file again. ....  I found that every time I contacted PayPal, endliu will reply as if they are really doing something to process my order.

Finally shipment arrived on July 29, instead of a bread maker they sent me a gold colour ring in a jewellery box with no description of what kind of material inside the ring and no certificate to confirm the material it is. Sent pictures to endliu and PayPal to request a full refund and return postage since they made the mistake. endliu replied to offer me a 25% refund of my payment and told me to keep the ring for myself or try to sell it to recover the rest of my money. This is the biggest joke I have ever heard!!! Not knowing what type of material, do you thinking any buyer will be interest?? or if they find out it is not worth of anything, they will sue me. So I told them no. PayPal agreed to give me a full refund and gave me the address  to send it back, they do require a tracking number. When I checked with post office, because it is send to China and it is in a odd shape jewellery box, the postage is Can$14.50 on regular mail. With tracking number, the cost is Can$69.50. That is more than a full refund of the original price I paid. I wrote to PayPal to find out if there is another way. They replied me with a standard reply that I have to go to the resolution center to reply. There, do not give me room to explain the situation just ask for the tracking number. On August 17, PayPal sent me a standard reply denying the claim and close the file. So I can not write to them anymore. Today, September 2. 2020 received email from endliu offer to give me 30% refund!!! Really don't think they are in business to sell products. 

In my opinion, PayPal do not care about the buyers who pay in advance with their real money, they support this type of scam  by allowing them to keep delaying and find excuse to scam more people. Just saw another person experienced exactly the same scam to receive a ring too. PayPal should be able to see what they are trying to do. All they care is the commission they also received from the seller, so they put in this tracking number required to further victimise the buyer who want to receive the full refund . In my case, from May 13 to August 17, 2020  I've been through 3 months of terrible experience. In stead of using my credit card to avoid the scam company, I was lead to believe PayPal is protecting their customers. I was so wrong. If they listen and believe me in June 10 when they haven't sent me anything. Or in June 25 when it was still no delivery, I don't have to go through this nonsense of 25% refund, 30% refund or send back with a tracking number. This is my first time using PayPal to make purchase, it is going to be the last time. I might as well use my credit card and let the bank to see how they scam people. Bank always have benefit of doubt to their card holder, especially they can see the whole picture. 

I have emails to support my story here. I do not mind to share with others so that they will not fall for this type of scam. And they should not trust PayPal is a reputable venue to up hold good professional standard in web buying.