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Xundarui tech


Xundarui tech

Has anyone heard ofandel in heaven memorial ornament. I ordered an ornament and can't find any information on the company. No email with conformation number or any contact
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Re: Xundarui tech

This person also scammed me using a fake website closeme and closemes, also has multiple scammed victims on their facebook page.  They copy and paste products from Pintrest, Etsy, tons of other real companies then list them on their fake website for cheaper prices, takes your money and either does not deliver as promised, or delivers something that is complete garbaage made for pennies in China.  My product was to be a 6 ft. Santa claus that I ordered in November.  In January I finally got something, it was a 12 inch Dollar store doll with a santa dress.  Thank GOODNESS PAYPAL dispute was already ongoing and I was refunded my money since I bought with PayPal.  BUYER BEWARE.  Last email I had (they never open emails or respond) was ** paypal wont allow an email in this box, but wouldn't matter since they dont respond to you anyway. Try their FB page for "closerme"