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Wrong item received, dispute open over 60 days, still Under Review after 4 weeks, what next?


Wrong item received, dispute open over 60 days, still Under Review after 4 weeks, what next?

Hi, I'm  in Europe and I've received two incorrect items (much cheaper model than the advertised ones) from an eBay US seller.  Seller went unresponsive, so I opened a dispute in Resolution Centre. I had already paid for import duties that won't be refunded, and the cost of returning the items per post is a 3 figure sum. So I suggested a partial refund and keeping the items myself (which I'd try to sell locally) INSTEAD of full refund and returning the items. The seller agreed to the partial refund amount, but PayPal interface is asking me for proof of me having shipped the items back, which makes zero sense. What makes sense is: either I return the items and get full refund, or I don't return the items and I get partial refund.


I've had to escalate the dispute twice; the first time the case stayed under review for two weeks, then it returned to me with nothing done on it, that means PayPal was asking again for proof of return shipment in order for me to receive the PARTIAL refund. The second time, the case is gone under review again, and it's still in that status today, 4 weeks later. Message Center operators tell me the case is with their Backoffice colleagues and they can't do anything on it.

So I'm stuck with a dispute open on items I don't want, nor I can try to resell them locally because of the dispute, and at this point I'm so frustrated with PayPal's unresponsiveness that I'd renounce to the partial refund option I suggested, and I'd rather get full refund and eat the loss of having to send these things back which I've grown to hate seeing in my home every day still waiting for a closure.

What options are left for me, other than having my lawyer chase them? And in case I'd have to involve him, how long is it legal for PayPal to leave me hanging without a resolution, until I can set my lawyer after them?