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Wrong Decision


Wrong Decision

Hi, I'm really surprised & disappointed with the Decision of Case ID: PP-D-82949253.

For you kind information please note that this seller sold me this item (DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone ) on eBay then later cancelled by seller.

Then offered me to pay on PayPal so I was using PayPal from long time & know that my payment will be secure so sent her payment of 420.00 GBP.

Later she tried on me by WhatsApp to send money by another PayPal account or direct to bank as PayPal hold money & will not release until item received.

I have proof of conversation that she made on WhatsApp.

When no tracking number provided & item Not Received  I opened case & then she tried so manty times to close case she will refund me but I told her PayPal will make decision in favor of who is right.

Then she provided some UPS tracking number & PayPal resolution center made decision in favor of seller.

The Funny thing is that the tracking number (1Z1F522X0456252452) provided is origin from japan & I bought it from Europe, 2nd it was received by different person in Dubai not by me.

I tried to get the receiver details & package details but The UPS not allowing this.

How can PayPal resolution center made decision without complete investigation that the buyer bought from where & what shipping address provided & if the seller provided tracking number is correct with the seller address & origin.

If I received item then why I open case & don’t want refund I want the item I bought.

Very Disappointed & helpless because can’t contact directly PayPal. Don’t know how this issue will be solved.