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Witheld Funds

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Witheld Funds

$350 stuck in my account, I don't blame them I lied about my age i'm actually 15 turning 16 in a few days but I invested some money into my reselling account and damn. 180 days; I have to wait 180 days until I can access any funds, I don't scam, I didn't do nothing red flagish, really disappointed that I can't even take my money. Sucks to suck I get it, but is there ANY way to speed up the process??? I just need the money to pay a few for a few fees that I owe that I was originally planning to pay with my $350, but clearly can't.

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Re: Witheld Funds



If you are under 18 then you may have to wait until you are 18 to withdraw those funds.

The 180 days is for those that are over 18 and can add a bank account / verify their account to prove they are 18 before withdrawing funds.

Paypal doesn't like folks that break their rules.

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