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Why wont pay pal answer their phones


Why wont pay pal answer their phones

Why isn't my order showing on my PayPal app and why don't I have a tracking number after 5 days
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Help in resolving an order that was paid for but not delivered.

I ordered a pair of sandals for my daughter for Christmas from what I thought was Birkenstock website. My credit card has been charge six weeks ago, I've emailed the company four times without any answers, chatted with a PayPal representative. She couldn't find the activity at first and told me when she found it, to take it up with the seller, which I have done without success. I can't gain access to the resolution center because I can't find the activity, but I have the receipt from Pay Pal, and copies of the emails I've sent to the company. I simply want a refund and perhaps an apology, but can't seem to get any resolution from either PayPal or the company. Has anyone else has this much trouble from a simple order, and if so, how did they deal with it?