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Why should I pay for sending back the deffective item.

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Why should I pay for sending back the deffective item.

I purchased a jacket from sportsdirect, which I received deffective. Whole winter I try to resolve the problem with them. But they stopped answering. I went to the resolution center of PayPal with claim for the half of the amount. I asked the half of the price because the sending back from Bulgaria to UK is expensive and the jacket must be repaired. Now PayPal push me to send back the jacket AT MY ACCOUNT in order to receive full refund WITHOUT postal costs. WHY? Am I responsible for the fact that the jacket is deffective? The shipping costs from BG to UK must be covered by the seller. THEY sent deffective item. May I ask a compensation that my wife cant use the jacket whole winter? May be she must use it in summer??????

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Re: Why should I pay for sending back the deffective item.



PayPal themselves doesn't do partial refunds. That is something you have to work out with the seller without PayPal being involved (escalating), who has to agree and follow through with. PayPal just does return for a refund as per buyer protection terms for SNAD. PayPal is third party and just as soon have you send it back. Return costs unfortunately are not provided for in the dispute again as per buyer protection policy because PayPal cannot refund more than what you original paid, nor force seller to provide return shipping (which also has to be discussed and agreed to by the seller and follow through with).


PayPal has a return shipping refund program for future purchases if this return is not eligible:


Please read buyer protection policy and how it works because it has conditions and limitations:

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