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Why does paypal side with people commiting scams?


Why does paypal side with people commiting scams?

recently I went on a website for black friday that was ripping people off.  They list deals low, post fake approved by paypal seals, and then give you a ridiculous deal.  After  they get your money, they give you a fake tracking number, and paypal gives them the money.   You never get your item.   This has been going on for months now, the people just keep changing the domain.


I disputed this to paypal, and then made the mistake of posting to this forum.    My dispute was denied, so tomorrow I'll be charging the money back and notifying all my banks no paypal charges are authorized, and then i'll be closing my account.    Paypal will have 0 change of winning any case in court for siding with a Vietnamese man who is setting up fake sites in the USA to rip off consumers on black Friday. 

Rather than giving me advice, the paypay administration deleted my post and accused me of fraud.