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Why do you use PayPal


Why do you use PayPal

Hi group: I like most of you use PayPal all the time that is until now! I purchased some remote controlled cameras on facebook for 30 bucks each, and instead of cameras they sent me 2 microchips so I disputed them with PayPal and PayPal wants me to send these microchips back to China for a refund and UPS want 50 bucks to send them back.... now why in the world would I pay 50 bucks to send back a 30 dollar item and PayPal won't ask them directly what they sent me I've told them many times ask them what they sent me and I can show the video of a camera that I ordered not some chip that I have no use for but PayPal is not taking care of me at all, even knowing I have spent 10's of thousands of dollars over the years through PayPal they still just dont care and i've have only 2 other issues with them years ago and they handled it properly and professionally after all this multibillion dollar company called PayPal's sole existence is to be a middleman between the seller and a buyer thats all they do yet this time they are not doing their job and they won't allow me to accelerate to a higher chain of command so, my question is how do I go up the food chain to get my issues resolved? With whom do I need to speak with? Please let me know and also please let me know if you also find PayPal is not doing what they get paid for like they use too! Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. 

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Re: Why do you use PayPal



This is how PayPal cuts through the you said, they said and make a judgement call if both parties cannot negotiate a settlement. PayPal rules in your favor, having the merchant accept a return. You must return goods for a refund, can't have both money and the goods (no matter what it is). Return the items to avoid losing the case. PayPal has return shipping refund program:


Do not buy off Facebook ads from merchants you are not familiar with. At least do some research on the seller first. If you find no info, keep it movin'. Bottomline, stick with merchants you know of and trust. You get what you pay for. Anyone can slap a shop or buy an ad.


If you do not like said judgement by PayPal, you are within your rights to file a bank reversal or a credit card chargeback and resolve it exclusively through them as the PayPal dispute will automatically close.

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