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Why PayPal is scamming us

Why PayPal is scamming us



I have used PayPal for 5+ years. The past couple of years PayPal has been increasing there fees (because of the sole reason they are greedy of course Smiley Tongue), making the website worse as in tuns of bugs. Any who, a couple days ago I found my account is limited. Let me tell you about my business I own a server for a video game in which I sell virtual goods. This account limitation permanently prevents me from receiving money, in which my customers will no longer be able to purchase from me and I cannot take the money out for 180 days. First of all, I got no reason on to why I did this I just got a 1,000 paragraph user agreement bs. Like anyone is going to read all of that, PayPal is just being scummy there, oh wait they're constantly scummy.


I honestly believe I have been wrongfully banned and I have tried to contact PayPal, I've actually made 10+ emails none in which have actual replys, besides their stupid auto messages of course which do not help at all.


So I'm quite angry with PayPal, an actual person did not ban me a **bleep** bot did. I was wrongfully banned. PayPal did not even give me a reason, lmfao what a joke this company.

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Re: Why PayPal is scamming us



Well if you hate the company that much surely you should be glad that your account was limited so you won't have to bother using them again surely?

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