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What should I do?


What should I do?

So I look at my email one day and I keep getting emails from PayPal about reports being filed against transactions. I look at PayPal and my account is locked and there are like 6 payments on there to, I later find out, multiple bitcoin sellers. I look more through my email and realize that someone added a credit card to my PayPal account, made these 6 payments, and then deleted the card. I presume the owner of the card filed the reports. I very quickly changed my password and I tried to supply the info PayPal wanted, but now they want the statement of the card that was used to pay, which I don't own. Also during this time, my debit card, the only card I normally have on there, expired and I replaced it. Being a doofus, I inadvertently tried to verify that card but it's no longer active.


The card statement is supposedly the only other thing PayPal wants.


What should I do? How do I tell PayPal what's going on and how do I remove the limitations? As far as I can tell, my account was used as a sort of proxy for someone else to defraud another person's card.

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Re: What should I do?



You need to contact customer services to resolve any limitation OR account specific issues.
Click help / contact bottom left of Paypal pages for options available for your country.

Or have you considered contacting Customer Service via Facebook or Twitter?
You can send them a personal message from their facebook or twitter pages.
It's: and @AskPayPal for Twitter.

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