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What if I receive a fake item for a refund?

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Hello, I have just lost a case and I have to initiate a refund. The seller is sending the item back. What am I to do if the item is returned to me in a significantly different condition than originally shipped or if they ship back a completely different item? This is a very expensive item and I would like for it to be back in my possession in near the condition I sent it in. What actions should I take if the item is returned in a completely different condition or if I receive a completely different item to begin with? Thank you! 


What if I receive a fake item for a refund?

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If you get a different item back you can of course inform customer services BUT as it is always one persons word against anothers then if the buyer provides trackable proof of delivery of an item back to you then its unlikely the decision of a refund would be reversed.

You can always try though and if you have enough proof you could possibly take legal action against the buyer?

Sadly getting an item back in a sorry state is part of the risks of online selling.

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