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Weihongda Trading Company Scam: Toilet Paper


Weihongda Trading Company Scam: Toilet Paper


I haven't posted before but have been a Paypal user for years with overall good success. 

However, like many others, during the near-panic early on with the Covid-19 I ordered for my family toilet paper from what I thought was U.S. company,, but turned out to be Weihongda Trading Company, ironically, from China.  My money was taken and a fake tracking number / promises from Weihongda, until became many weeks and I filed with the resolution center.  At first, the promise date / decision date from Paypal was June 2nd, 2020, but it appears as has happened to another member, the scammer issued another tracking number, many weeks after the original promised delivery has come and gone and now paypal has extended the resolution decision to June 24th. 

As others have stated, this is OBVIOUSLY A SCAM, why does Paypal continue to believe that magically all of this toilet paper is going to appear?  The seller is essentially scamming Paypal along with me.

I have used and valued paypal for years as active ebay seller / buyer, but this experience has been very disappointing.  I am expecting per Paypal promise, my payment to be refunded.

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Re: Weihongda Trading Company Scam: Toilet Paper

Comprei um cao de peluche por 29 euros e recebi 1 mini cao de baixa qualidade que numa loja de chines custaria 1 euro. No anuncio o cao mexia-se era grande e ladrava. BURLA